Size: 1015H x 914W
Color: White Satin
Sale price$510.00


Steelco Sliding Door Cabinets are ideal for narrow spaces as the doors do not interfere with walkways. This cabinet features a secure locking system and easily adjustable shelves to maximize storage capacity. Sliding Door Cabinets are available in various heights, widths, and configurations.

  • Sliding doors ensure that they can be used in a walkway or aisle space without interfering
  • The barrel exchange locking system is fitted and comes with anti-bacterial keys
  • Shelves are adjustable in 32mm increments
  • 40kg UDL shelf capacity
  • Quality powder-coated finish (White, Graphite or Silver)
  • 10-year product warranty


Two Shelf Levels : 1015H x 1500W x 465D
Three Shelf Levels : 1830H x 1500W x 465D
Weight : 63 kg

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